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Welcome to Bourgeois Essence, a blog about lactose free living and life itself.

  • Are you lactose intolerant?
  • Do you simply chose to avoid eating lactose?
  • Are you interested in this topic?
  • Has your child / friend / relative been diagnosed with lactose intolerance?

Bourgeois Essence will give you the opportunity to learn how to live and cook lactose and mostly dairy free while not losing any life quality. Being lactose intolerant does not mean you will never again enjoy a delicious piece of cake or chocolate mousse, but that by adapting your habits and by thinking outside the box everything is possible and eatable.

Following a lactose free diet is just the start to a happier healthier you. Be active, laugh, enjoy the simplicity of things and the beauty of our world. I will be doing just that on BE and much more.

By being physically active, listening to my body and living life to the fullest I hope to find the passage way to pure happiness and contentment.

Now to me… I am Sarah Bourgeois and live in Central Switzerland. I love anything that involves travelling, good food, captivating books and exciting adventures.

At birth the doctors told my parents that I am not only lactose intolerant but also allergic to cow milk. My mom, therefore, backed and cooked all my food herself for years to come. As years passed I hardly had any symptoms when eating a yoghurt or drinking some milk. Up until my 20th year I never had any issues when consuming dairy. And consume I did! I love milk, cheese, chocolate, ice cream and all the other desserts that are out there.

Suddenly I collapsed in the middle of Paris after eating an omelet in some cute side street café. My friend had to fetch a taxi and somehow carry me back to our hotel. Spending the rest of the day curled into a little ball praying for the pain to go away I had hunch that somehow I have come back to square zero and need to take care of myself again better…

As it turned out I was spot on about my lactose intolerance resurfacing and my doctor advised me to completely avoid any dairy products. My cause for the intolerance is the congential lactose intolerance. I do, however, have the less severe type as only one of my parents have the defective gene.

Following the doctors news I had to change my diet completely. Checking every ingredients list made my quick shopping trips not so fast anymore. As it turned out it is very important to do so because many products contain lactose for conservation.


Join me on this adventure and discover new recipes, places, ideas and opportunities along the way!

Have a wonderful day,

Sarah, BE

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