Sweet & Sour with Jasmine Rice


Who does not know the classic “sweet and sour” dish from the Asian restaurant just around the corner??! I am convinced that everyone loves it… I know I definitely do 100%. The interesting thing is that no matter where you go in the world, where you travel and what cities you visit there is always sweet and sour to be found. However, sweet and sour varies very dramatically in color and consistency depending on where you are! I had once a PINK very watery sauce… Now I am not sure I should be telling you this ahaha. Anyways the one I am used to is orangy-brown in color and is a thick and juicy sauce. It just happens to be my father’s recipe! 

When people ask me what is your favorite food /cuisine I often answer asian. I love Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese especially. There is also a very simple reason for me to say so. Not only are the dishes delicious but most of them, if not all, are lactose and dairy free.

Why is that? When my doctor told me about the lactose intolerance he said:

Sarah don’t worry you actually belong to the majority and people who can digest lactase are the minority. All Asia, Africa and South America have a 90% lactose intolerance rate. 

Can you believe that?! But what must be said is that the mentioned 90% are often not aware of this due to their national diet (which is very low in dairy) Well here in Europe, especially in Switzerland (aka the country of cheese and chocolate) we are the minority.

Growing up this following recipe was and still is one of my favorites!  You can eat it for lunch or dinner or both 🙂 

Lactosefree sweet and sour asian dish with jasmin rice, vegetables and chicken

You will need: 

  • any vegetables you want: we always go for bell peppers, carrots, lemon grass, ginger, leeks, Chinese Cabbage, bean sprouts and some bambus sprouts 


Lactosefree sweet and sour asian dish with jasmin rice, vegetables and chicken


Cut the lemon grass into tini tiny small rondels


Lactosefree sweet and sour asian dish with jasmin rice, vegetables and chicken

Cut all of your vegetables into the same shape and set them aside

Now you get ready for THE BEST sweet and sour sauce: 

For the sauce you will need ingredients that you most probably already have in your house: water, sugar, orange juice, soy sauce, fresh ginger, garlic clove, ketchup and maizena 

Info: there are a few ketchup brands that have lactose sugar on the ingredient list. It is used for preserving it. I usually use it anyways as it is such a small quantity that it shouldn’t bother anyone. If you wish not to do so, simply find one that has no lactose sugar in it. 

Since my family loves this sauce we make quite a large quantity of it. This allows us to have left over for the next day. If you do not wish to have much sauce left simply divide the recipe in 2 

Prepare your rice and chicken and you are ready to eat!

Have a seat, start eating and enjoying this deliciousness 🙂 

Obviously it is lactose free and dairy free! 

Lactosefree sweet and sour asian dish with jasmin rice, vegetables and chicken


Bon appetit! 

Sweet and Sour with Jasmin Rice
Serves 4
A lactose free sweet and sour dish with chicken and vegetables
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  1. 12 tbsp sugar
  2. water
  3. 6 dl orange juice
  4. 9 tbsp ketchup
  5. 3 tbsp soy sauce
  6. freshly grated ginger (according to your taste)
  7. 3 pressed garlic cloves
  8. 3 tbsp maizena
Rice (see description on the box)
  1. for 4 people
  1. 2 bell pepers
  2. ginger
  3. 2 carrots
  4. 3 lemongrass sticks
  5. chinese cabbage
  6. 1 package of bean sprouts
  7. 1 can of bambus sprouts
  8. Chicken or beaf meat
  1. caramelise sugar with 3 tsp of water
  2. add the orange juice and cook until the sugar is dissolved
  3. add ketchup, soy sauce, ginger and garlic and let it simmer
  4. add while stiring 1 tsp of maizena with 2 tsp of water
  5. leave the sauce cooking on low heat until your food is ready
  1. cut them all in stripes and sitr-fry them
  2. Rice: prepare it following the directions on the box
  3. Meat: Whether you chose chicken or beaf quickly fry it in the end when the rice is almost ready
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    1. it’s so much nicer homemade and this is a bulletproof recipe in my family’s boook since yyeeaars. let me know how it turns out 🙂

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